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I’m dissapointed in O'Reilly

Trustworthiness of O'Reilly book reviews

Some time ago I wrote a very honest review about
"Integrating Excel and Access", Michael Schmalz, November 2005, Pages: 232,
ISBN 10: 0-596-00973-9 | ISBN 13: 9780596009731

I rated it one out of five and explained why. My review stayed on your site for a long time and then it disappeared. Note that I've been programming since 1967 and using Access since Microsoft first released it. Likewise with Excel.

Another reviewer subsequently wrote "After seeing one reviewer give the book one star because of his opinion that it had more excel than access emphasis, ...". I responded to that reviewer but O'Reilly never bothered to post my response.

My COMPLAINT is "How can anyone TRUST reviews at O' if O'Reilly buries the unfavourable reviews?".

Regards ............... Gerry (Lowry)


Gerry Lowry, Principal
Ability Business Computer Services ~~ Because it's your Business, our Experience Counts!
68 John W. Taylor Avenue
Alliston · Ontario · Canada · L9R 0E1
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  • Hi Gerry,

    Thanks so much for voicing your concern! It is our policy to only remove reviews if they include no explanation for why the rating was given - whether they are positive or negative. We want the reviews to be helpful to our readers - and it sounds like the review you posted would have been very helpful to our readers. You can read our guidelines for posting reviews here:

    So I'm very confused about what happened to the review and follow-up comment you posted. I just checked our database and indeed I cannot find anything posted by your account. Is this the first time you noticed the review wasn't there? The other reviewer posted in 2006 so it was definitely still there at that time.

    I'm going to do my best to track down what happened. We may have some database backups we can use to determine when it disappeared and to get it back.

    I hope you will consider writing a review again if you feel strongly about one of our books. We do value your honest opinion and I know other readers appreciate reading such reviews.

    By the way, I see you're from Alliston - that's where my grandmother lived. I grew up in Newmarket. :)

    Kind regards,
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