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Translating O'Reilly Media book's to mother tongue

I would love to translate a book to my mother tongue. But I'm interested in licensing agreements connected to this. Two scenarios:1) Is it possible to translate book (published by O'Reilly Media) just for fun and then share it my friends for free. 2) I would love to eventually publish or distribute the book in my language online. Is there a way how to do any of these scenarios right way? Without breaking any low or licensing agreements ?
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  • Helen Monroe (Senior Rights Manager) September 28, 2009 14:33
    Hello Lucas
    Thanks for your query.

    Whether you can translate a book to share with friends will depend on which book you are thinking of. Some of our books are available under a creative commons attribution non commercial share alike license, which means that you would be able to translate and share your translation as long as you are not selling it. Please email me ( letting me know which book you are interested in & I can tell you whether it is available under a creative commons license.

    Regarding your second point, you cannot publish a translation without a licensing agreement from us. Please email me if you want further details.

    Best wishes
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