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I’m unsure

Timing my order to arrive when I'm home

If I place an order today, Sat. 12/6, will it be processed right away, or will it be processed Monday, 12/8 ? ( If it may not arrive in my FL home by Wed., 12/9, I will have it sent to another address.
Thank-you, Joan Espenship
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  • Hi Joan,

    Our warehouse is not open on the weekends. Had you placed an order on 12/6 it would have been sent to the warehouse for fulfillment this morning, 12/8. However, if you place the order today, it won't be sent to the warehouse until later today. It will then have a 24-48 hours processing time before it ships out via UPS Ground. Once it has shipped, it will take 3-5 business days to reach you.
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