There is a confusing segment in the video about patches in Advanced Git

First off, thanks for a great video. I bought both the first set and the advanced set and this has been of tremendous help. I have been recommending it to coworkers as it clarifies many of the concepts used with git.

There is a part of the segment on patches that is confusing. Let me give a timeline of what we see in the video and then I have some questions at the end. It feels as if two separate video segments were edited together and some glue is missing between the two.

23:37 : git config shows that it's using Tim's name and email
23:54 : Tim takes Dan Lynn's persona in the git config
24:26 : It is said that Tim's identity is in the files that were edited earlier
24:44 : git am ../patches/* --signoff (with Dan Lynn's identity) fails
25:06 : Some confusing stuff happens and Tim is told to do: "rm .git/index".
25:10 : Then Tim does "git am ../patches/* --signoff" but it is not clear if that succeeded. My guess is that Dan would be the one appearing in the signed-off-by line at this point if we were shown the commit.
25:20 : Finally Tim is told to do "rm -rf .git/rebase-apply"
26:04 : Tim does "git am ../patch-dan/* --signoff" (where did patch-dan come from? Is Tim in the same branch as just before? What identity is in the git config at this point?)
26:10 git log shows a commit whose author is Dan Lynn and that has been signed off by Tim (Hmm, I thought the config was set to Dan's identity so I was expecting Dan to be on the signed-off-by line)

Given how the segment started with Tim configuring git for using Dan's name and email, I don't see how he became the one doing the sign off? Did Tim modify the git config to have his name and email off camera? Did he switch to another branch off camera? How did ../patch-dan get created?
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