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I’m anxious

The payment page on is poorly encrypted.

When visiting the page in Firefox 3.5.5 the security summary reads, "Your connection to this web site is not encrypted."

In Opera 10.10 visiting the page causes a security warning to appear. The warning reads, "This site is using an outdated encryption method which is no longer classified as secure. It cannot sufficiently protect sensitive data. Do you wish to continue?"

Please improve the encryption method on the payment page so I can continue to buy books from your website.

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    Hello Jacob,

    First, a big thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've talked with our programmers and the warnings are the result of the new header at the top of the page and the way the CSS is pulling in images. We're fixing it asap, but I can assure you that the body of the page itself, the transactional form fields, were are are secure.

    Send me an email -- allen at oreilly dot com -- so I can thank you properly.

    Regards, --Allen
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