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The Great Insert-Key Mystery!

MAC VERSION OF PC'S INSERT KEY----BIG problem we had this morning that sent my wife into a panic. She was writing a newspaper story on deadline, using Microsoft Word with Parallels on my iMac. Suddenly the program began overtyping, obliterating old words with new ones -- what to do? Any sane ex-PC user would look for the Insert key, right? Wrong, Sane Ex-PC user! There is no Insert key on the Mac keyboard. And in my Pogue Switching to Mac book, there is no index entry either for Insert or overtype!?!? Nor on the pages about PC-equivalent keys is there any mention of the Insert key. WTF!!!!

So we called Applecare, using precious minutes -- and then even the Apple guy has no clue what to do! He suggests I call Microsoft! (Chuckle -- Ever try to get help from Microsoft?) Finally, after my wife has to leave for work, I get the bright idea to Google "insert key on Macs" and among several wrong solutions, I find the right one: The "Help" key (between Delete and F14) is the Mac equivalent of the PC Insert key. Worked like a charm. I beg you to get this info into print ASAP. Does it work for Macbook? I have no idea whether there is a Help key on Patricia's Macbook, because she just took it with her.
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