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The Scenographer's Primer

I am looking for a publisher for my "teaching e-book" with text, photos and video.
Thru internet research, HTML 5 seams to the coding I need for this non-liner "scenic cook book" on design and construction. This is an introduction to theatre, stage terminology, scene design and production, including: carpentry, rigging, sewing, scenic painting, shop tools and prop construction. It is divided into nine chapters with about 80 pages of text, 200 jpeg pictures, hyper-links to suppliers, vendors and manufactures, and 30 mp4 HD videos with open captions. And, since this personal accounting of how I designed and built scenery for over 45 years, it also contains a few humorous stories from my past.
I know nothing about coding of publishing, but I wrote this book as the basic foundation for my teaching and Prezi lectures to school students and teachers, who are without much technical theatre experience. The feedback is encouraging and I need more than just copy paper handouts.
Can anyone assist me please?
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