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I’m confused

The Piecemeal Missing Manual

The Windows 10 book strongly implies that there is a single CD with the 'missing manuals' info. Yet on tine missing manual page there is a list of 'chapters?'. Many, but not all have a download link. Must one download each 'chapter' separately? What about those 'chapters' without a download link?
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  • Len --

    Thanks for writing to us about Windows 10: The Missing Manual.

    For some of the Missing Manuals, there is a full set of example files for the book that you can download via a single link.

    For others, like the Windows book, there are supplemental PDFs available for some chapters and not others. That's any only some of the chapters have a download link. You can download just the ones you'd like to read.

    If you would like me to send you all of the PDFs for this book in one folder, I'd be happy to do that. Please email me at

    Nan Barber
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