The latest version of the iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook seems to be crashing iBooks (possibly because of a problem with the cover art).

iBooks crashes whenever it sees that particular book, even if it's just in a list of books. I tried re-pushing the book to DropBox and re-exporting/importing the book from DropBox to iBooks, but I'm seeing the same result.

There are many clues pointing to that one book as the culprit. For example, if I'm looking at a list of books none of the books from that one onward show cover images. (Of course, iBooks crashes shortly thereafter.)

This is a big problem because I can't even delete the book. To delete the book I have to select it first, and selecting it crashes iBooks...

I'm using iOS 8.1 on an iPad 2 and I'm using EPUB in iBooks.
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