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Testing MyRobotWander Code with my Arduino robot build.

Using the book, "Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot" by Michael Margolis I did the following.

In the motor test I get the expected result:
Left side wheels move forward
Right side wheels move backwards

I am trying a different ultrasound sensor and since the new code i wrote didn't work, I am trying to test my setup with the code in the book.

Since my sensor code may be incorrect I wanted to test the forward movement code. in MyRobotWander.,

I commented out the functions: lookBegin, moveBegin, roam so to only run the moveForward function.

I expected the wheels to all move forward but I get only two wheels moving.

The rear left wheel moves forward and the right rear wheel moves backward.

I modified the RobotMotor.h file for 4WD for the 4WD define as noted.

Advice ? Thank you very much.
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