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I’m frustrated

Terrible print quality on O'Reilly Books - grey specks on pages, fuzzy diagrams, text bleeding through

I recently ordered some books from Amazon, which also included two O'Reilly Titles:

* High Performance Browser Networking
* Site Reliability Engineering

Firstly, one of the books came with the back cover bent - I assume this is just an accident in handling prior to shipping.

Secondly and more importantly, the print quality of the actual books is shocking. It looks like a illegal low-quality photocopy made on the sly in SE Asia - not an official book from the publisher - and certainly not something of the quality I'd expect from O'Reilly:

* There are grey specks on all the pages
* The text (particularly headings) is fuzzy
* Diagrams (particularly ones with thin lines) are badly printed and grainy.
* On many pages, text from the opposite side bleeds through.

It's a little hard to capture on film, but here is the best I can do:

(Here are the full-resolution links -, and

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