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Technical language in Learning PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS & HTML5 used before it has been explained.

I had been progressing happily through Learning PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS & HTML5 until the end of Chapter 10, beginning with the section Preventing SQL Injection. No preparation is given to help a learner understand what this is all about. To say it all went over my head is an understatement. I could write several paragraphs about the background knowledge necessary to understand this discussion that has not been provided but one example is being advised not to rely on PHP's magic quotes. This is the first and only mention of magic quotes in the book. The following sections are equally obscure. Placeholders? PREPARE statements? I got the code to work but don't know why it did. And then we're advised to use special javascript to prevent HTML injection (injection not having been explained)? Javascript isn't covered until Chapter 14. I hope the rest of the book returns to explaining new knowledge clearly and building on concepts already explained.
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