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I’m frustrated

Table Style Problem

I am working my way through "Web 4 Step by Step." I am in chapter 4 in the section Styling the Presentation of Your Content. In step 1 I am asked to click anywhere in the table created earlier then click on the button on the Quick Tag Selector.
No such button exists. In the code screen the book shows a line with the following (table class="auto-style1"). In my code I see (table style="width: 100%"). I have gone back and reconstructed the table and (table class="auto-style1") still does not appear. If replace the (table style="width: 100%") line with the (table class="auto-style1") line, the table collapses to the left. If I place the (table style="width: 100%") before the (table class="auto-style1") line I get the Quick Tag but the table is collapsed. If I place the (table style="width: 100%") after the (table class="auto-style1")n line the Quick Tag becomes (table) Where am I going wrong? What should I do differently?
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