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  • Hi BASSAM,

    The original details of your posting are not showing up but if this is a SxS Issue there are some useful suggestions posted on this MSDN blog.

    SxS Issues
    SxS (or side by side) was a solution Microsoft developed for people distributing the C runtime with their application.
    Anytime an application doesn't load a dll or refuses to start for some reason, suspect SxS.

    Usually you'll get something like:
    The application has attempted to load the runtime library incorrectly. Contact support for more information
    This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect

    At this point, do one of the following to make sure it is a side by side issue:

    * Open the event log in (XP/Vista) and look at the Application or System list. There should be a SxS error in there somewhere
    * Open the offending dll or exe using depends.exe (usually installed with Visual Studio under Common7\Tools\Bin).
    It will tell you if there is a SxS issue.

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