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HTML5 Step by Step Book page 77

In chapter 5 of the Step by Step Book page 77, my links are not underlined. I followed the code (I think) but in the book they are underlined. I tried to add the code to this question but when I click post, the actual webpage info shows opposed to the code. So another question would be, in order for someone to help me with this by looking at the code, how can I get the code to paste here in the actual code?

  • Mixing

  • Spraying

  • Cleanup

  • Microsoft Word version

  • Glossary of Terms

  • Please advise. Thank you.
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    • Hi LaShawn,

      Thanks for your question, and I'm sorry for the confusion. It sounds like you're doing everything correctly. The markup that you're working with right now shouldn't affect whether the links are underlined or not, because that is something that is controlled by css or the default styles in a browser or on a page. For example, on this page, you'll notice that links are not underlined until you hover over them. Later in the book, in Ch. 7: Formatting Text by Using Stylesheets, you'll learn about the styles that control underlining (specifically, text-decoration).

      As long as your links are working, I don't think you need to worry about the underlining for now. If you want to paste your code in here for us to check it out, you'll just need to wrap it in <code> tags to get it to display, like this:

      <code><li><a href="foliage.htm">Diagnosing Foliage Problems</a></li></code>

      If you have more questions, you can get help by emailing mspbooksupport@oreilly.com, our technical book support group.

      Hope that helps!

      Rachel James
      O'Reilly Media
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    • Thank you so much Rachel. I see it underlines in IE, I was using Firefox. It is good to know I was on the right track. Thank you so much.
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