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sorting historical pictures by person and birth/death dates

I am attempting to scan, organize, and then share about 3,000 old photos, some of which date back to the 1890s. I would like to sort via name, birth/death date, i.e. (Verie Mae Hoosier Sherin 1903-1989), and then make an album of each person's pictures, sorted by date taken. Then I want to share each person's album with their kids and grandchildren. I hoped that using Keywords in Photos would work, but on page 91 you say "It's pointless to use keywords to identify people in your pictures." On page 69 you say that the iCloud Photo Library doesn't work with Smart Albums. It doesn't sound like Photos is going to work for me. Am I wrong? Can you suggest how to make it work, or are you familiar with other software that will do what I am looking for? Thank you for your time. Kathleen Gura
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