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I’m confused

Slide Show Editor MAC

Missing Manual for Photoshop Elements 6 shows Slide Show Editor with full functions. Is feature not in MAC version?
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    Hello, Mikezeng.

    No, the Mac version doesn't have the Organizer, and so all the things that are in the Windows Organizer, like slideshows, web galleries, picture packages, etc. are different on the Mac. (That's why there's a separate edition of the Missing Manual for the Mac version: "Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac: The Missing Manual."}

    No Slide Show Editor--Elements for Mac has the same rather basic slideshow function that Photoshop CS3 does.Adobe probably figured that with the iLife programs you don't need yet another way to make a fancy slideshow.

    I hope that answers your question.


    Barbara Brundage
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  • I’m frustrated
    Thank you Barbara for this precise answer!
    Too bad that Adobe's customer support couldn't come up with this.

    Here my case:
    I have previously used elements 4 (windows) for some time, especially for producing slideshows to DVD/CD, and was a satisfied customer.
    Recently I made the switch to apple. The iMac runs well (intell) and I decided to invested into elements 6 for the mac.

    Before the purchase I surfed Adobe's beautiful elements site and got acquainted with the new version 6 details. Watching the online videos was what made the difference and persuaded me to buy, creating a slideshow looked to be soo much more fun now !

    But after studying the manual and playing around with the new program, I got disappointed - I couldn't find the slideshow functionality.
    So I wrote to Adobe product support and gave a detailed description of what I was missing and asked how to find it.

    The product support answer was that (original in german): the capability of both programs are but the same, only that mac now has the new bridge module, so there are a few different steps for creating a slideshow.

    But after researching for myself, I have found that I can not produce slidshows with the mac version! If Adobe would have mentioned this on their site, I would not have bought this programm!!!!

    My next step will be an attempt to get through to Adobe and ask that I get my money back.
    I am very disappointed now, a clear statement on the Adobe elements 6 for mac webpage - no slideshow included. - would have saved me a lot of trouble.
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