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I’m confused

Singleton not working in IE8 as described in the Javascript Patterns book on page 144.


I have a few question about the Singleton Pattern from the JavaScript Patterns book and its compatibility with IE8. I am trying to use the following Singleton pattern:

function Universe() {
    // the cached instance
    var instance;
    // rewrite the constructor
    Universe = function Universe() {
        return instance;
    // carry over the prototype properties
    Universe.prototype = this;
    // the instance
    instance = new Universe();
    // reset the constructor pointer
    instance.constructor = Universe;
    // all the functionality
    instance.start_time = 0;
    instance.bang = "Big";

    return instance;

But the following Jasmine tests are failing in IE8:

describe("Singleton Test Suite", function () {
    iit('can create valid singleton', function () {
        // update prototype and create instance
        Universe.prototype.nothing = true; // true
        var uni = new Universe();
        Universe.prototype.everything = true; // true
        var uni2 = new Universe();
        // it's the same single instance
        expect(uni === uni2).toBe(true); // true
        // all prototype properties work
        // no matter when they were defined
        //expect(uni.nothing && uni2.nothing).toBe(true); // true
        //expect(uni.everything && uni2.everything).toBe(true); // true
        // the normal properties work
        //expect(uni.bang).toBe("Big"); // "Big"
        // the constructor points correctly
My test fails at the following line from the above Jasmine test: "expect(uni === uni2).toBe(true);"; but Jasmine reports that they are not equal.

Does anybody know why these two instances of Universe are not equal to each other in IE8?

Thank you.

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