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Simple Drupal Question

I completed the first version of my Drupal web site many months ago. Back then, I added a donation module with I have no idea how I did that but somehow I did it without adding a "content" page.

Users on my web site said they wanted a paypal option to donate. Without remembering how I added a module before, I added a blank content page and linked it to a new menu option on my main menu.

Then I downloaded a paypal module I liked ( and I added it to my modules and added he dependent modules, etc.

So, now I have it. How do I use it? When I look at the modules at my paypal module, the only option I can click on is "permissions". When I go to the empty contact page I created, I do not see how I can stick the module in to the page. And, incidentally, for the module, I think I did not have to make a contact page at all.

Please help.
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