Send to my Kindle

It would be create to allow a Kindle whispernet e-mail address to be associated with an O'Reilly account. Then, when you browse your purchased ebook titles a button could be presented by each one labelled "Send to my Kindle". Clicking on the button would e-mail the mobi format of the ebook to the kindle e-mail address registered with the account. This would make it much easier for me to transfer my o'reilly books to my kindle.

A further enhancement to this feature would be some indication of whether a given edition of an ebook has been sent to the user's kindle in the past. Therefore, when new updates to the ebook comes along the user can easily see that there is an update to a book he/she had previously sent to their kindle. A click of the "Send to my button" would then send the new edition of the book to their kindle.
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