Send All Ebooks to Dropbox - needs better user experience/dialog

The Your Products->EBooks page provides a link at the top that says "Send all ebooks to Dropbox" (assuming you've signed up for Dropbox). The consequences of clicking this are very unclear - I assumed it meant this was a setting to send all future ebook purchases to my Dropbox account. Nope! Instead, it began sending all of my ebook purchases EVER to Dropbox, with no warning about the number of ebooks (or the amount of space) involved. This is VERY BAD. My Dropbox space quota was blown out completely by the action of clicking a link. At the very least, open a dialog issuing a warning about what's going to happen, mentioning how many ebooks and how much disk space will be transferred. This was NOT a very good experience. (Also, I already had versions of some of these ebooks in my own custom folders in my Dropbox account and it seemed NOT to re-download those - was that intentional?)
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