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Seeking missing CD utility for Mac OS X 10.7 book, please

Where / when will Mac OS 10 - Lion missing CD be available - have need for better renamer utility:
••When it comes time to rename files en masse, add-on shareware can help you. A
Better Finder Rename, for example, lets you manipulate file names in a batch—
numbering them, correcting a spelling in dozens of files at once, deleting a certain
phrase from their names, and so on. You can download this shareware from this
book’s “Missing CD” page at
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  • Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your message, and I apologize for the delay with the book's Missing CD page. David Pogue is working hard to finish his iPhone Missing Manual and Switching to the Mac: Lion Edition, but when he finished the Missing CD page for Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual, you'll find it here:

    In the meantime, you can download A Better Finder Rename here:

    I hope this helps, and again, I'm sorry for the missing Missing CD page. If you need anything else you're looking for there, just ask.

    Brian Sawyer
    Senior Editor, Missing Manuals
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