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Hi, I've just started my journey with Access 2010. I'm following the examples on pages 31 and 32 in 'Access 2010 - The Missing Manual'.I've entered the 4 field values as shown but the ID column shows 4 instead of 1 as in the book.If I enter a 5th field the ID column then shows 5 when surely it should still show 1 as it is still the first record.
I hope someone can help me with this.
Thank you...Mark
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    The short answer is that AutoNumber values don't correlate to record numbers. They're meant to uniquely identify each record. They aren't a reliable way to determine the number of records in a table or the position of a record in a sequence. There's some more information about AutoNumber values in Chapter 2.

    More specifically, the issue you've noticed is one of many AutoNumber quirks. In the new edition of the book ("Access 2013: The Missing Manual") I've added a short paragraph that explains this phenomenon:

    "As you add new fields, Access may change the record’s ID value of the record (changing it from 1 to 2 to 3, for example). Because the new record hasn’t been inserted yet, every time you change the table’s design by adding a new field, Access starts the process over and picks a new ID number, just to be safe. This automatic renumbering doesn’t happen if you officially add the record (say, by moving down to the next row, or by clicking Home-->Records-->Save in the ribbon) and then add more fields to the table. However, there’s really no reason to worry about the ID number. As long as it’s unique—and Access guarantees that it is—the exact value is unimportant."
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