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Salt and Hash passwords so not clear text in database

I want to be able to salt and hash the passwords when the password has been entered at the Sign Up page.

When using the 'putting it all together - Robins Nest' example. How do you hash and salt the passwords after the password has been entered at the Sign Up page? It would be nice to have a full working example of the salting and hashing in the ‘Sign Up’ example in the ‘Robins Nest’ folder.

I’ve tried to go back to the previous explanation in chapter 12 but just cannot seem to string the connecting parts together to put it into the Sign Up part of the Robins Nest example. In chapter 12 the salting and hashing takes place while manually adding details to the database.

Could someone please send me the ‘Sign Up’ with hashing and salting included so that I can save details in the database that are not clear text.
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