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Safari Book Offline Bag on a laptop


Life would be much more difficult for me without my Safari subscription that runs now for many years. That said, there is a real pain not being able to run the offline book bag on my (Windows XP!!) laptop.

I commute daily (by train) and doesn't get any 3G subscription on my job laptop. I could use my iPhone, but it's not as convenient as a tablet to read on the safari app. For me, at least, it's not a convenient option.

So I have to run the tedious process of regularly downloading a couple of PDF's included in my yearly subscription to read books offline. Shame! And too limited!

Can't understand the rationale of keeping the offline book bag only on smartphones and tablets. Very frustrating, I have to say.

Any solution in sight? Or a trick to emulate the excellent Safari ToGo app on my laptop?

best regards,

- alain -
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