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Regarding Rough Cuts versions and PDF. Does buying one entitle me to the final PDF, the final cut eBook, so to speak. Or is it limited to the option of buying the rough cut and the final print book? It isn't clear to me from the "What is Rought Cuts?" popup...
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  • Hello,
    You are correct,
    when you purchase the Rough Cuts you do get access to the final version on Safari Books Online. Here is a link that has all the information about Rough Cuts.

    The bullet points of the purchase are as follows:

    You have three choices:

    1. Purchase the Rough Cuts online pre-publication version only
    This gives you access to the evolving manuscript through Safari Books Online. You can read the manuscript online or download it in PDF format. Once you've purchased a Rough Cuts title, you'll be able to check to see if any new material has been added by looking at the top of the Rough Cuts page. The Rough Cuts title will be available for reading, downloading, and commenting until 45 days after the print copy of the book is published. When you buy a Rough Cuts title, your credit card is charged immediately. (Note: once the manuscript is considered "final," you will only be able to make one complete content download.)

    2. Buy both a Rough Cuts title and the finished print book
    This gives you immediate access to the online Rough Cuts pre-publication title, plus the print book as soon as it's published. Your credit card is charged for the Rough Cuts title immediately, and then charged for the print book when it ships.

    3. Purchase just the final published book
    If you're interested in the book but don't need the early access that the Rough Cuts service offers, you can place an advance order for the published print title only. Your credit card will not be charged until the book ships.

    Tai Hake
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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