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RIPv2 maximum hop count

Not sure if this is the correct forum but I am reading Network Warrior and on page 116 it states that RIPv2 has a maximum count of 255 instead of 15. Cisco disagrees with this in all other books I have read. Is this a typo?
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    In my opinion, I feel that Network Warrior has misguided in the case of unreachable route in RIPv2.
    In RFC 2453 (RIP version 2), it stated that
    "Deletions can occur for one of two reasons: the timeout expires, or
    the metric is set to 16 because of an update received from the
    current router (see section 3.7.2 for a discussion of processing
    updates from other routers)."
    and also in RIP document ( has also stated that 16 for an unreachable route for RIPv2.

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