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I’m angry at intuit

Resurrect the Quicken Missing Manual - help us stick it to the man

I would love to see you guys do a Quicken 2011 book. The program is SORELY missing a manual now that you haven't published one for 2010 or 2011.

In fact, consider putting a newly written book into another series - either one you already have or a new one. It could give guidance that is less directly tied to that year's Quicken and more of a strategy book. Questions the book could answer include: How to use categories, how couples can use Quicken, why people running companies should consider using Quicken Deluxe and Quickbooks instead of Quicken Home and Business, etc.

I would buy a copy just so I didn't need to give money to Intuit which has made their in program and online tutorials UNNECESSARILY useless. They have content, it just is entirely unnavigable and doesn't give complete explanations.
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