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received CS 4 book but have CS3 program

I have CS3 and ordered D.McClelland's book on CS3 one-one-one but was shipped the CS4 book from Amazon. Is there a great deal of difference between CS4 and CS3 books? Should I return the CS4 and try to get CS3? Thanks for your help.
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  • Hello kathryn,

    Please view Adobe's feature comparison chart here:

    As you can see, there are a number of new features available in CS4. Deke's book will cover many of these features and you will have no use of that coverage while using CS3. Of course, the book will also cover things applicable for CS3, but its not quite the right fit. If you want something that will correctly cover the program you're currently using, then you'll want Deke's CS3 title.

    If you did order the CS3 title and received the CS4 title, I would take that up with Amazon's customer service. They have always been very helpful when there have been errors with my shipments.
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