I’m pissed off.

Received book with broken, splitted spine. No response from orders department

I received 'Java in a Nutshell' 3 days ago, bought online from O'Reilly, and as i was removing it from the packaging i noticed a crease line along the length of the spine
.(The photo was taken 2 days after receiving the book, so perhaps the original crease mark was a bit fainter )
I then opened the book and found this:

I opened the book just to take the photo, but
I've sent 2 emails already to the orders department, asking for a replacement, but i have received no response yet.
I'd like to note 2 things:
1. The crease line was there before i even opened the book for the first time, which tells me that the book had been opened at some point along the line, so someone must have noticed that the book was defective.
2. Not having received any response or acknowledgment and not knowing when i should expect one is making me a somewhat anxious. The O'Reilly guarantee webpage says that i will be refunded if i'm not satisfied, which is reasurring...
But the email i received when i placed the order, says that i must return it, which is fine by me as long as i'm not asked to pay for the postage back to California (I'm in Europe)

Sorry for the rant, but it's been 3 days since i posted my first email, i think someone should have contacted me already.
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