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I’m dissapointed and bleak

Reasonable customer account credit for buying material at full price 2 days after and 4 days before 50% off

Do I have a foot to stand on requesting an account credit if on the 31st of July I purchased material from the website at the full price of $119.99.

Two days after it having been on sale at 50% off, 2 days during which I as a self employed developer spent deliberating whether spending the money on this material would be worth it in the long term.

Eventually I decided to fork out the money (even after I missed the 50% off), HOWEVER shortly thereafter noticing that the same course is on discount again at $59.99.

It isn't like I'm even asking for a full refund or anything, rather just an account credit which will be spent with OReilly.

I have sent several emails to but have received absolutely no response from them! Nothing, Nada, Zitch
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