I’m angry and disappointed.

Really? You're not dealing in facts anymore?

Just a note that, after teaching the first chapter of your Headfirst HTML5 Programming book, I'll be looking for a different text. Most glaring error was the apparent anti-Microsoft bias in the chart on page 18. I'm a scientist, so I stick by facts, not made-up stuff. If you'll notice, there is NO fact on this page. It is the authors' opinion of what they *think* browser compatibilty will be in the future. Really? You're publishing opinions instead of fact?
Another reason there is a problem with that "chart": They're comparing THREE versions of Internet Explorer against the latest version of the other browsers. Please be consistent. If we're comparing Safari against IE6, then let's at least compare the version that was being published at that time. Oh, that's right, no one KNEW about HTML5 compatibility when IE6 was written! Why are the author's including that? I don't know either.
And then, I looked browser compatibility at the W3C website and they gave IE9 100% compatibility. And this was over a year ago. Your authors may not agree with them, but isn't that irrelevant in a TEXTBOOK?

Conclusion: I can't trust what is in this "textbook". I won't be teaching it any longer, and I will steer my students away from this poorly written propaganda rag. I would have had more respect if the author's had just stated "We hate Microsoft enough that we are just going to lie about their compatibility."
-Ronald Peterson
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    Hi Ronald,
    Thank you for your input. The reason we chose to compare three different versions of IE is because IE6, 7, and 8 are SO very different from each other and from IE9. In addition, until just recently, there was no automatic upgrade program for IE, like there is for other browsers, so there is a greater possibility that people will have older versions of IE. We didn't mean to show any anti-Microsoft bias, but rather, wanted to be realistic about the chances that there will be more people still using older versions of IE, and the reality that those versions are not as up-to-date with the standard as are the most recent versions of the other browsers. Fortunately, IE9 is comparable in standard compliance with the other browsers so once people move off from the older versions of IE, it will be much less of an issue and we can update that page!

    The last time I checked, the majority of users were still in IE7 or 8, so we have a ways to go.

    Hope that helps, and thanks again for your feedback. We always appreciate hearing from readers.
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