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React: Up & Running and ECMAScript 2015

Does "React: Up & Running" use ECMAScript 2015 and Babel or older methods? The sample cuts off right before getting into components. I just did a course which used newer methods than most books I'm finding so far. Thanks
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  • Hi David,

    It does use Babel and ECMAScript.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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  • I’m disappointed
    I've just downloaded the final 1st edition release (released yesterday) and no, it doesn't use ES6 code examples. All code examples are using the older ES5 style syntax without class definitions and the recommended React devtools extension now no longer works with React v15+ as the components no longer include ID's to identify them on the page.

    I would have also expected some coverage of Webpack as it's the favoured choice among most JS app developers and those choosing to setup React. Although opinion can be kept aside it's always worth covering the options and the benefits of each to inform the reader enough to make their own choices.

    Web technologies do move forward at an alarming pace as do best practices but I would always expect a new book on it's official first release to always reference the current latest version of the software, as well as current industry best practices, with up to date code examples, and working recommendations.

    I'm sad to say it was very disappointing and not what I expect from O'Reilly or such a knowledgeable and good author in Stoyan Stefanov.
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