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Python in a nutshell 3rd edition new operator

I am looking forward to the new (3rd) edition of Python in a Nutshell, as the previous edition looks like an excellent python reference, but is useless to me as I mainly work with Python 3.x. A new edition covered the 3.x line is very exciting.

I have a question that really should be directed to the author, but I don't know anywhere else to put it than here. Python 3.5 adds a new operator '@' and three new magic methods to work with it (__matmul__, __imatmul__, and __rmatmul__) to implement matrix multiplication (specified in PEP 465). Will this be covered in the book?

I can only look at a preview on Safari right now, but what I see (Chapter 4, section "Special Methods for Numeric Objects") does not mention it. As this is such a fantastic addition for those of us that do anything mathematical in Python, particularly working with linear algebra, and the book will be up to date with Python 3.5, please make sure that this operator and its associated methods are covered (at least appearing in the tables).
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