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Purchased mac instead of pc version of missing manual for elements 8

How much difference is there between the MAC and PC version of windows missing manual for elements 8?

I just downloaded the wrong version on iTunes.
  • Hi there.

    The book's introduction explains the difference between the two versions of the program:

    This book covers Elements 8 for Mac. Adobe is releasing Elements 8 for Mac a few weeks after the Windows version, and there’s a separate version of this book, Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows: the Missing Manual, which you should get if you’re using the Windows version. Editing is pretty much the same on both Windows and Mac computers, but the Mac version of Elements doesn’t include a feature called the Organizer. Instead, you get Adobe Bridge (the deluxe photo-browser that comes with Photoshop). This means that the parts of this book about organizing your photos, using online services, and many of the projects are different than the Windows version.

    So yes, unfortunately for you, there's a fair amount of difference between the two versions of the program.

    In addition to the differences mentioned above, the keyboard shortcuts in the Mac book include the Mac keyboard symbol, which obviously you don't have on a PC. You can often replace that keystroke with the Ctrl key, but that doesn't work in every instance.

    I hope that info helps.


    Assistant Editor, Missing Manuals
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