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I’m frustrated

Problems signing up for safari books online

Problems signing up for safari books online 10 day trial;

Yesterday, I tried to register for an 10 day trial and it took me numerous attempts over span of 3 hours to register.

I faced the following problems :

I tried this with IE7 and FF3, on 3 of safaris websites: O'Reilly Safari, InformIT and PeachPit

* safari SSL certificate was not being accepted by IE7 and FF3, I had to add an exception to FF3 to allow the https registration page to be be displayed. As per the security message displayed by the browsers, it appears the SSL certificate is for Safari Books Online and is being used for all 3 websites?

* On clicking for the trial link, most of the times the trial registration page does not exist message was displayed

* if https registration page did come up few times, the process would get aborted after I submitted my credit card details

I was initially able to register at O'Reilly Safari but I did not receive the trial, and on trying to login to safari, got the message that user does not exists. So I am not sure if that account got created properly.

I was finally able to get a 10 day trial finally on PeachPit.

It appears all 3 websites offer same service and plans so I am not sure what the difference is. A single registration website would make it lot simpler.

The experience quite frustrating and confusing. Maybe the safari books online service was under maintenance at that particular time, if so it would have helped to put up a message to indicate the same.

Another major problem was subscription level. I wanted to register for : 5 Slot Basic Monthly $9.99, which is mentioned at
but it is not offered during the registration process.

For now I have gone with the default plan offered ( 10 Slot Monthly $22.99 ), but how can I change to 5 Slot Basic Monthly $9.99.
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  • Hi Prem,

    Sorry to hear that you encountered subscription issues via our Safari Books Online service. Safari Books, is a joint venture between O'Reilly Media and Pearson Technology Group and this e-reference library subscription is staged on several portals to maximize subscribing opportunities for this service.

    I use these two primary URL's to login regularly;

    To address and resolve your 5 Slot Basic Monthly subscription issue, it would be best to contact Safari support directly to review and adjust your current subscription and ask them to apply the correct discount code.

    Safari Books Online, LLC
    Toll Free: 1-800-775-7330 (USA only)
    Direct: +1 707-827-4118
    Mon-Fri 6am-5pm, PST

    For general inquiries or to let us know what you think about Safari.

    Mace Bergmann --
    Online Services Community Advocate
    O'Reilly Media Inc. --
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  • I’m frustrated
    Trying to get a friend to use Safari books, but there is no 5-slot option available at signup. My account is on the 5-slot and is generally all I need so recommended that, but alas, no option.
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