Problem with Windows hack, "Generating Folder and File Listings"

I tried the hack to add Create File Listing to the context menu in Windows XP, but I get a directory of the folder where the .bat file is saved instead of the folder selected with a right-click.

My .bat file contains one line, which is dir /a /-p /o:gen >filelisting.txt
My .bat file is saved as C:\WINDOWS\filelisting.bat
My system is Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600

How do I get it to work? It's hack 21 in Windows XP Hacks and it's hack 37 in the Big Book of Windows Hacks.
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  • Tai Hake (Official Rep) July 14, 2011 17:31
    Hi Jay,
    I apologize for the delay in responding to you. I will get your case over to our Book Tech staff who can take a look at that error for you.

    For any other problems you may have you can contact them directly at:

    If you have any further questions or require further assistance,
    You can contact us at:
    1-707-827-7019 (Outside the USA)
    7:30 am to 5:00 PST

    Tai Hake
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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