I’m frustrated

Problem loading Example files from "Programming Visual Basic 2008" by Tim Patrick

2 Problems

1 - The following is a copy of an email I tried to send to "bookquestions@oreilly.com" (the email address given on Page xvii of the preface of the book.). The email was returned as undeliverable.

2 - (Problem Loading example Chapters for this book. Error Message says "can't load content because the correct version of the content installer component cannot be found "- when double clicking on "Programming Visual Basic 2008 Templates.vsi" after having, apparently successfully, loaded the unzipped files.

Fell at the first fence I'm afraid!

I'm using the Express Edition of VB 2008.net and have tried re-downloading the actual Example files a couple of times.

Peter Doran - pkdoran@f2s.com
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