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Hi, thought you might be interested in knowing that a website claiming to be a distributor of apparel is using your company's name and info on their About Us page ... here is the website and I hope you are able to do something about it as the site is obviously a scam!
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    That is funny, but I doubt it's a scam. My guess is that it's some accidental cut and paste from years ago (O'Reilly doesn't describe itself as the publisher of books on Windows 95 anymore!). The site seems to be a genuine apparel site with an errant About page. Here's the text they use:

    "O'Reilly & Associates is the leading publisher of books for UNIX, X, the Internet, and other open systems, as well as a pioneer in online publishing.

    We also publish the leading web server for Windows NT and Windows 95, and are defining new paradigms for how to develop and sell software on and for the Internet. "
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