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I’m frustrated

Private Schools not transferring to public schools in Illinois

My son graduated from 8th grade with honors in May, over the summer he decided he wanted to go to public High School so he could play sports. We registered him for high school only to find out that this Christian academy is refusing to transfer his records and are now trying tosay that he DID NOT graduate after all and he is now having to repeat 8th grade. I think it is very much unfair he goes to school every day feeling lke a failure because he is now behind!!! He worked his but off to graduate and actually became a straight A Student and the last week of school he had completed all of his books and concentrated solely on his bible verses! We were all so proud of him threw him big graduation party his diploma actually reads" Allen Richards has completed all acedemic requirements for completion of Eighth grade" and now NOW he is having to repeat the 8th grade because he decided to go to public school. It is hard enough to keep our children excited and motivated about going to school for our education system to be failing us in this way. If there is any advice you might be able to give me on this situation we have found us in please please let me know. We have completely put it in the Lords hands but are extremely frustrated, crying my son came to me the other night and asked me "Mom why are they doing me this way?" I really didnt even know how to answer him, except to reassure him of how proud I am of him and to hold his head up high every time he gets on that school bus, and that the Lord is our Warrior! Thank you for all your help in this matter!
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