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I’m hoping for a fix

Printing errata eliminates color key

When trying to print one of the book errata pages (i.e., an errata.csp page on the web site), whether confirmed or unconfirmed, and whether printing directly in the browser with ^P or using the supplied in-page Print button, the "color key" and the colored backgrounds in the table all disappear (change to white). This makes it impossible to see the type of errata of each table row.

I understand why you eliminate background color when printing (probably using a print-specific CSS) -- to save color toner -- but in this case it renders the result ineffective. Perhaps in the key and in the table you could add a little icon representing the type of mistake, so they can be referenced even without color. That would also aid people with disabilities (color blindness, limited vision using a B&W only display setting, etc.). And/or provide a method to allow preservation of color when printing.

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