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Print problems with Illustrated Guide to Astro Wonders

Hello there,

Some months ago, I purchased a copy of Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders (0-596-52685-7) and returned it to my bookseller because of many
badly printed image figures. The problem with the figures was a thick white bar located in a random position through some images, which also had the effect
of reducing image contrast to the extent that the astronomical objects themselves were poorly visible.

This appears to be an obvious printing error.

After some months, a replacement copy has arrived and it has the same problem (on pages 98, 155, 200, 237, 238, 246, 254, 310, 319, 334, 348, 352,
364, 371, 372, 378, 409, 419, 420, 432 and 484).

Is it possible to obtain a correctly printed copy of this book?

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  • Brian Jepson (Editor, Maker Media, Inc.) April 17, 2009 12:46

    Very sorry about the problems you had with the book. The bars are part of the original plates that the Space Telescope Science Institute granted us permission to use in the book.

    Regarding the quality of the images, Page 36 explains this a bit more, but we chose the image size, contrast, and print resolution in order to increase the utility of the book as a field observing guide.

    That is, when viewed at night under a red astronomical flashlight, the images in the book look close to what you'd see in a decent-sized scope. We found that observers can be hindered by very high resolution images that do not resemble what they would see in their own observing equipment.

    - Brian
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