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I’m frustrated

Print book owners need some printable content

You know what would be really nice?
If you made a pfd of all the excercises, crosswords, Sharpen your pencil segments ect for all the head first books so that I can print out the page (better than photocopying my print book) and I can then fill out the exercises. I would be willing to pay $5 for this. I prefer using a print book as the last time I tried to use an ebook on my kobo the screen was too small and I don't like using my large computer screen for reading books either
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this idea
  • Hello Stephen,

    Thanks for your suggestion. We do have a discount where you register your print book, and then can have access to the ebook for $4.99. Here is how to register your books- Sign into your account and click on "Register Print Books"
    and enter the ISBN or title of the book you wish to register. It will appear in "your products" under "print books." You could then specify which pages you would want to print. More details on this and other O'Reilly member benefits can be found here:

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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