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I’m frustrated

Print Quality on Python Pocket Reference (5th Edition) is very poor


I recently ordered a copy of O'Reilly's "Python Pocket Reference (5th Edition)" by Mark Lutz, which arrived today.

As soon as I opened it, I noticed that the print quality is quite frankly, terrible.

There is a scattering of small black dots all over the pages, and the text on many pages is fuzzy, rather than crisp.

It's pretty bizzare, since I normally associate O'Reilly with good print quality in their books. To be honest, I've never seen print quality this bad in any purchased books, except for maybe illegal pirated books from China/India.

Is this a change in O'Reilly printing, or is it something specific to buying O'Reilly books from Amazon? Or is this just a random once-off, and I need to swap this over?

I've included a photo of the barcode and copyright page, in case that helps narrow things down (apologies for the picture quality, this was taken with my camera on my phone - if you need higher resolution photos of the barcode, I can get a dedicated camera to take them).

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