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Price comparison with Amazon

The "Book of the Day" today is "Computers as Components, 3rd edition", priced $42.48 (50%). Amazon is selling the same book for $28.48 (33%)... I like to keep all my books in the same place (O'Reilly), but the price difference is too large. Are you planning to match the price?
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  • Hello nelsonhf,

    I can't explain the vagaries of Amazon pricing. Prices on amazon are often personalized and change seasonally or even daily depending on all manner of inputs. I wish we could match that price but we'd lose money for ourselves and the author if we did. While I know that's a big gap we do offer many features that amazon does not, such as lifetime access, downloading to all your devices, multiple formats; Dropbox, Google Drive, and Kindle syncing.

    At the end of the day, though, the publisher and author will be thrilled if you purchase the book, no matter the source.

    Regards, --Allen
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