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I've noticed that released books there is an option to buy bundled ebook and print. However for unreleased books, you can only buy the pre-release digital, or the pre order physical. Why can't you bundle pre-release with physical pre-order?
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  • Hello,
    We don't provide pre-order ebooks because we don't really have a great system in place to automatically provision an ebook once it becomes "active". At present we'd have to manually put the ebooks into the account of customers who have pre-ordered ebooks.
    Also, since ebook orders close out automatically, we'd be taking money for an item we aren't able to deliver right away, and we're not really a fan of that. Yes, we do that for print books, because again, we have a system in place that works.

    Pre-ordered books are a well known process, and I would think, that when we find an elegant solution to pre order ebooks we'd make it happen.

    Tai Hake
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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