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PPT or PPTX files work on some win7 machines and not on others!

I have a weird issue with some PPT and PPTX files that i have had no previous problems opening on my machine - the crazy thing is that i can take these same PPT and PPTX files to another computer on the network and it opens with no problems and bring it back to my machine and i get the error below.
I have used both flash drives and the network drives to transfer the files between machines and it doesn’t seam to make any difference i still get the same result:
It works on some machines and not on others!
I have already done all the obvious thing in office including :
Search and repair errors
complete unintstall and reinstall of powerpoint only
Before i go ahead and uninstall and reinstall office i was wondering if anyone else ever encountered this issue and what was done to resolve it?
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