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I’m wondering if it's me

Possible instructional error

Photoshop CS4 Missing Manual;

Step 10 says to double-click the lock to make the Layer editable. When I try this, I get a New Layer box. What is wrong?

Of course, I may be the problem.

Love the Missing Manual books. Have recommended to others. Thanks, ..... Watwoh
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  • Hi Watwoh.

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. I checked in with Lesa, the book's author, and here was her response:
    Since Photoshop won't allow you to add a layer mask to a Background layer, you have to double-click it to make it editable. Doing so will summon a "Do you want to name this layer?" dialog box, but you can simply click OK to dismiss it. Now when you look at your Layers panel, the Background layer will most likely be named "Layer 1" and it won't have the little padlock to its right. At that point, you're clear to add the layer mask.
    I hope that clarifies things for you.

    All the best,

    -Dawn Frausto
    Assistant Editor, Missing Manuals
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