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Poor Usbility of Examples in Head First Python ePub

I'm currently reviewing your book "Head First Python." The book so far is good. However, the examples with code in them are so difficult to see. I can enlarge the font size for the rest of the book in its ePub format but the examples with code don't get larger. This makes the book extremely difficult to use which is very unfortunate. I didn't want to write a negative review of the book on your site as I wanted to see if there was some way of fixing this issue because it really takes away from the utility of the book. It's also disappointing that you would release this book with such limited usability testing (especially when you publish a myriad of books on usability...)
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  • Hi B,

    Sorry that you are dissatisfied with the EPUB version of Head First Python.

    I am assuming you are talking about the Second Edition of the book? If so, it is currently in Early Release, so the design and typesetting are not finalized at this stage, and we will be releasing a complete, polished version of the ebook when it goes to press later this year.

    In the meantime, in the current EPUB, many of the code listings are captured as images, and many ereaders will allow you to zoom to see their text at a higher level of magnification. For example, in iBooks you can zoom images by double-tapping on them.

    Hope this may make it easier for you to read the text. That said, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our ebooks, so if you would like a refund on your purchase for any reason, please let us know.

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