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Poor printing quality for JavaScript Cookbook 2nd Edition from Amazon


I recently received JavaScript Cookbook 2nd Edition by Shelley Powers from, sent as a replacement for the same title which had a small crater on the front cover. The replacement is of a lower quality than expected. I noted the following:

— The back cover printing is noticeably tilted. Notice the way the height of the green strip at the top is taller at the right than the left, and the barcodes at the bottom are sloping downward.

— The bottom corners of most pages have little half-rectangles on them. The half-rectangles get bigger further into the book.

— The print quality looks generally washed out, like printed in draft mode, and is particularly noticeable on pages with graphics, such as the crow and scorpion graphics, and embedded screenshots.

— Looking at the book from the top, there is a sort of waviness about the paper, like it's been printed on thin photocopy paper.

I have a few other O'Reilly titles and have always come to expect really good quality, so am obviously disappointed about this. Anything you can do?

Here's the printing information from the last page:

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